Catch-Up on Previous Workshops!

Looking to catch-up on all the workshops we’ve been offering this tear? Get ready… We’ve got them all up online and ready for you to view!


School Transitions Workshop

Is your child facing a transition this upcoming school year? Whether they’re moving from Kindergarten to grade one, junior high to high school or high school to post-secondary, there are a lot of ways you can help them prepare for the transition.

Watch the School Transitions Workshop


Menstruation Workshop

Getting your period can be a confusing and challenging time for autistic youth. Sensory challenges, coping with changes in the body, and a lack of resources/support can all present some barriers. Preparing youth for this change is vital and this workshop will cover strategies, tips, and tools to make it less daunting.

Watch the Menstruation Workshop


Community Safety Workshop

Does your child or teen run away from you? Do you worry about their safety when out in the community? Then this workshop is for you! The Centre’s Community Safety Workshop will identify the skills your child or teen can learn to help increase their safety in the community. Plus! You’ll learn various tools and strategies to teach and practice these new skills.

Watch the Community Safety Workshop


Teaching Your Autistic Child Multiple Languages: Facts & Strategies

This workshop will give you a foundation of knowledge about how children with autism can learn more than one language and provides insight into the importance of using your home language with your child. It discusses strategies to support you in teaching your child multiple languages and more!

Watch the Multi-Language Workshop


Self-Determination Across the Lifespan Workshop

A workshop not to be missed! Self-Determination Across the Lifespan will discuss self-determination: a person’s ability to control their life, their way of thinking and decision-making. The workshop will cover strategies for the development of self-determination and why it’s important for autistic individuals to build these skills at a young age.

Watch the Self-Determination Workshop


Managing Stress During the Holidays

We all know that the stress of the holidays can be anything but jolly. This Centre workshop will give you a solid foundation of knowledge about stress, will provide insight into the unique challenges autistic individuals face when managing stress, and will provide strategies to support you in navigating the holidays.

Watch the Stress Management Workshop


Sleep Workshop

Counting sheep not helping your family sleep? We’ve got you covered! This workshop will answer all of your questions about sleep! It discusses common sleep challenges for children with ASD and provides you with strategies and solutions to support your child in developing healthy sleep habits.

Watch the Sleep Workshop


Leisure Healthy Workshop

When life gets challenging, recreation and leisure activities are often the first to be cut from daily life. This workshop will give you a fresh perspective about the importance of leisure and get some ideas about how to keep it going when things get tough.

Watch the Leisure Healthy Workshop



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