The Common Approach
Children 5 & Under


Do you have a child between 2.5-5 years of age with autism (or a query of autism) who needs both:

  • Program Unit Funding (PUF, funded by Alberta Education) and
  • Specialized Services (funded by Family Support for Children with Disabilities./FSCD)?

As a qualified provider for both services, the Centre recommends “The Common Approach”!

Common Approach Philosophy
Through the Common Approach the two programs work together to provide supports across home, school and community with a “one team, one plan across settings” experience for families.

With the Common Approach, families get:

  • Educational programming that takes place in the community school of your choice
  • A multidisciplinary team including a certified teacher
  • One team that works with you and the school for consistency across  school/home settings
  • On-site Educational Aides trained to work with your child
  • On-site visits from a Speech Language Pathologist
  • On-site visits from an Occupational Therapist
  • Home and site visits by the PUF teacher
  • An Individualized Program Plan (IPP) based on your priorities
  • Access to additional parent training and support through the Centre


If you only qualify for one area (PUF or SS), or are unsure of what this means:
Please contact Joanne Fodchuk
780.488.6600, ext. 280
Joanne will help you and your child navigate the Alberta funding system (as it relates to these programs).

If you qualify for both funding areas and want to register:
Please contact Brenda Bishop Machibroda
780.488.6600 ext. 235