Early Childhood Services (PUF) (Edmonton)
Children 5 years, 11 months & Under

Are you looking for a program with a science-backed approach to get your child ready for grade 1?


Ages 5 Years 11 Months & Younger


We know that providing high-quality daily support early in life can dramatically improve a child’s ability to learn and succeed in school. We offer a program that is based on the best available evidence. With small class sizes and high teacher-to-student ratios, student learning is maximized. The onsite PUF program at the Centre emphasizes science-backed learning, play, and highly specialized teams. 

How PUF Works

The Centre is an approved Early Childhood Services (ECS) provider through Alberta Education. We use a naturalistic developmental behavioural approach, an approach proven to be effective for children with autism. This means that we use a mix of play and structured activities that focus on typical developmental milestones and that are taught with evidence-based principles. Daily information is collected to show evidence of a child’s learning and children move through goals at their own pace. Children participate in a routine that is filled with learning experiences in the areas of academics, communication, socialization, motor skills, and self-help skills. We have a strong emphasis on increasing independence and maximizing school readiness.

Who Is Eligible for PUF?

The Centre’s onsite PUF program serves all students who meet the criteria, regardless of whether or not they have a diagnosis of autism. Eligibility is dependent on numerous factors which we would be happy to discuss with you. If you’re unsure if your child would be a candidate for PUF, please reach out to Corinne at puf@centreforautismab.ca  

What’s Included with Onsite PUF Programming:

  • 3 focused learning hours per day, Monday through Thursday
  • Certified teachers
  • Highly trained educational assistants
  • Weekly support from SLP, OT, and Behaviour Specialists
  • Coordinated support for home and school-based services (where applicable)


If your child is receiving Specialized Services at the Centre, we will coordinate your services and PUF program through your Centre team, simplifying communication and ensuring consistency.

Want more info about the Edmonton PUF program? Download the flyer!

*Please note that community-based services are not available in Edmonton at this time.

PUF is available for a maximum of three years. For more information, please visit the Government of Alberta website.


For details on all PUF programming in Edmonton and Calgary, and to apply for Calgary Early Childhood Services, please contact Corinne puf@centreforautismab.ca


Email all completed application forms to Corinne at puf@centreforautismab.ca