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Throughout the  year, there are many opportunities to participate in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) research studies. Let’s work together to further understand ASD.

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Hidden Diagnosis, University of Calgary, June 2021

Are you an individual on the autism spectrum who would like to share your experience of being uninformed of your diagnosis? If so, the Autism Spectrum Research, Education and Training Team (ASERT) at the University of Calgary would love to hear from you!

Participation involves completion of some tasks with our team, a questionnaire about you, and a one-hour interview about your experiences of being uninformed of your autism diagnosis. To show our appreciation for your time, all participants will be given a $20 gift card.

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Want to Participate? Contact the team:
Brittany Lorentz
Dr. Adam McCrimmon

Exploring the Psychosocial and Health Service Consequences of Coronavirus on Children and their Families, University of Calgary & University of Alberta, May 2021

We wish to learn about the care experiences of children and youth and their families during the COVID-19 outbreak.  We are inviting children and their parents as well as health care providers to participate in an interview about their experiences.

Interested in Learning More or Participating?
Contact Olivia Conlon

This study has been approved by the University of Calgary Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board (REB20-0367) and the University of Alberta Research Ethics Office (Pro00100969).

Sponsor: University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work
Funder: Canadian Institutes for Health Research
Investigators: Dr. David B. Nicholas, Dr. Mark Belletrutti, Dr. Gina Dimitropoulos, Dr. Sherri Katz, Dr. Adam Rapoport, Dr. Simon Urschel, Dr. Lori J. West, Dr. Lonnie Zwaigenbaum and Dr. Gina Dimitropoulos

ASD Studies, Queen’s University, February 2021

Online Emotion Study

This online study is looking at the emotional life of adolescents with ASD, ADHD or neurotypical controls. Participants and their caregiver will complete a few questionnaires and will each receive a $10 Amazon gift card for their time. Also available for non-verbal participants.

If you are interested in participating, please contact:

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University of Alberta & S.K.I.P. Lab, February 2021

Caregiver study

Are you the caregiver of two or more children with developmental disabilities, ages 2 – 12? If so, we want to hear from you and talk about your unique experience!

To learn more about the study or to participate, please contact:
Marcela Barahona



The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Sept. 2020

Study: Caregiver separation

Looking for children with ASD or a dual diagnosis of SAD and ASD, with an intellectual impairment. Child participants should be between the age of 3-6 who have difficulty separating from their caregiver in the home environment when the caregiver is out of sight for a period no longer than one minute. Each child participant must have the ability to request for a caregiver’s presence and follow simple instructions with or without pictures as cues.

The study will take place in your home or through an online video conference with a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and doctoral student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, to test the effectiveness of a behaviour treatment for caregiver separation. The anticipated time commitment for participation in this study is 30 minutes, three times per week, for a maximum of eight weeks, with an approximate 1-hour screening procedure and orientation prior. All sessions will be recorded.

If you are interested in being provided with more information about this
study, please email

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